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When we think about employee engagement, we often refer to the level of a worker’s commitment and enthusiasm in areas that bring about growth and productivity for the company. Employee engagement is fundamental to the development and stability of any business aiming to scale, because the more engaged employees are, the higher they perform. How can you improve the engagement of your employees with Zoho Workplace? Read on for everything you need to know.

What is Zoho Workplace?

Zoho Workplace is a comprehensive set of tools for productivity, connectivity, and collaboration. Zoho Workplace is more than just a set of software. It is a fully integrated and unified workspace that works well with other business systems and makes them work better and more reliably.

This all-in-one productivity suite contains eight (8) applications, which include:

  • Writer, Sheet, and Show are office productivity tools.

  • WorkDrive and Meetings allow you to collaborate with your team from wherever you are.

  • Mail, Cliq, and Connect aid unified communication among your teams and employees.

With the Zoho Workplace application, your working teams and employees can work remotely effectively and collaborate on many ideas and projects without the need to meet physically or be present.

Ways to improve employee engagement

Communicate with your employees.

Communication in the workplace is essential because it boosts the morale of employees, participation, output, and job satisfaction. Communication is also essential for improving teamwork and collaboration. Effective workplace communication inevitably contributes to improved outcomes for individuals, teams, and businesses.

Specifically, as a manager or decision maker, developing strong communication offers substantial short-and long-term benefits for your company. Without effective communication, you may not understand the pain points of your employees and may miss out on ideas they may have to grow your company. A great leader is a good communicator that can inspire their team to accomplish much more collectively.

Apps from the Zoho Workplace suite such as Mail, Cliq, and Connect can help you achieve unified communication across different departments of your company. With these apps, you can communicate with your teams both individually and collectively.

Emphasize teamwork and collaboration.

Teamwork and collaboration among your employees can help each team member advance to the next level. If they get stuck on a project, calling a colleague for help can help them finish it successfully.

If your team is suffering with communication, requesting assistance may induce nervousness and increase anxiety. And when trust concerns are left unresolved, they can impede the progress of every team member and prevent anyone from advancing. This is one reason to ensure communication is effective.

The importance of teamwork includes:

  • It eliminates an unhealthy workplace culture.

  • Minimizes excessive employee turnover.

  • Helps employees stay focused on the company’s corporate goal.

WorkDrive and Meeting, which are Zoho Workplace apps, can help your business build teamwork and collaboration, irrespective of employee location.

Provide adequate training.

Most employees have certain shortcomings in their job abilities, especially when they are new hires or on a new career path. A training program enables you to increase the abilities that each employee needs. Also, it enhances all employees’ abilities and knowledge levels. This helps get rid of any potential weaknesses in the organization that depend on other people to do basic work tasks. If you give your employees the training they need, they will be more skilled and able to help each other out when needed, work in groups, or do their jobs without constant help and supervision from others.

While training can expand employees’ expertise, many employers find it costly. There is also the case of employees missing work time when undergoing training, which might stall projects. However, looking beyond these potential drawbacks, training and development benefit both the organization as a whole and individual personnel, making the money and time spent a worthwhile investment.

Invest in the right business tools.

Whatever the job description, role, or tasks need to be performed by your employee, having the right business tool is essential to completing it. Indeed, as the ancient proverb goes, “You are only as good as the tools you use.” There are so many tools available, such as the Zoho Workplace app. As it pertains to the growth of your company, it is critical to supply your employees with the best tools for the job, even if it means spending a bit more than you’d like, as this will help to improve their productivity, create employee satisfaction, and increase company profit.

Try out Zoho Workplace right now!

Working with a group of people who know your company’s purpose, schedule, and goals sets you apart from other teams and companies, as you are in sync and able to attain targets together. Zoho Workplace is a business app that your company can employ to boost employee engagement at an affordable rate. If you would like to get started, contact us today to set you up.








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